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A - ACCENT: Lancashire


C - CHORE YOU HATE: Cleaning other people's mess. Ugh

D - DAD'S NAME: Darren.

E - ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP ITEM: Eyeliner. Could never live without my various eyeliners.

F - FAVOURITE PERFUME: Emporio Armani Diamonds.


H - HOMETOWN: Heysham.

I - INSOMNIA: Let me count the ways....

J - JOB TITLE: Unemployed. Student.

K - KIDS: None yet xD

L - LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Flat in Manchester when I'm at school otherwise I live in a house



O - OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: Ahahahahahahahaha Newcastle when I was 16 and had gastroenteritis

P - PHOBIA: Needles



S - SIBLINGS: A younger brother

T - TIME YOU WAKE UP: Whenever I want



W - WORST HABIT: Picking at my lips


Y - YUMMY FOODS YOU MAKE: All the food I make is yummy.

Z - ZANY QUIRK: Everything~


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

So if anyone remembers, last year I sent out Christmas cards! This year I will totally be sending them out again! (Provided I can find the post office...) Just leave your address etc in my inbox or in the comments below and I'll get that sent out to you guys.

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So I'm all here and settled in, and I figured that I should probably share some pics of my room xD 

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The Queen

Title: The Queen
Summary: Reyna was given a special mission years before Hera took it upon herself to intervene. It is now time for the queen to show the gods what she must do to protect her people.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Heroes of Olympus/ Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Characters/Pairing: Reyna, Reyna/Jason, Heracles and other Greek Mythological characters. 

And it"s hard to dance, with the devil on your back...Collapse )


Title: Musings
Summary: Octavian thinks about his previous friendship with Jason Grace and where it all went wrong.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Heroes of Olympus/ Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Characters/Pairing: Octavian and Jason Grace friendship, implied one-sided Jeyna
Notes: Written for Nur :)

Believe it or not, Jason and Octavian used to be the best of friends. But now they were sat outside the praetor's office waiting for their punishments.

Of course Octavian denied all knowledge of what had happened and his involvement in said event was tenuous at best, but he was here.

An awkward silence hung in the air between the two.

Jason cleared his throat.

"Good move, Octavian, now we're both in trouble." Octavian scoffed.

"This isn't my fault. I would never have such disgusting behaviour."

"Pretty sure you were the one who poured soup down Gwen's shirt." Jason retorted, leaning back on his chair.

"There is no way you can prove it was me."

"Please, you know people would listen to me over you."

One by one, they were called into the praetor's office to give their statements. Octavian of course rolled his eyes the moment Jason left the office, a smile on his face. The golden child strikes again. He thought to himself as he stood to walk into the office. He's the most loved person at this camp…

Octavian estimated that it was probably about a year since the two had been civil with one another. Growing up, they had been almost inseparable. They came to each other for everything and weren't seen without the other. After a few years of course they grew out of this dependency, but Octavian mused that it had been because Jason had no family. Of course he had been sent to the family who lived next door to his to be brought up. As soon as Jason was able to hold a dagger he was placed into training, the eagle branded onto his skin the moment he entered the camp. Jason always had been the special snowflake…

He couldn't help but feel betrayed when his best friend decided to completely blank him. Over some girl no less.

It had been around a year and two weeks since Reyna had arrived at Camp Jupiter and her arrival had completely changed his best friend's behaviour.

It's not that he wasn't attracted to girls, believe him, he was, but he didn't understand the particular interest this girl held for Jason. She was a nobody. She barely spoke to anybody, her dark eyes glaring at any boy who strayed too close to her… Almost like she didn't trust them.

He had nightmares about her. For days leading up to her arrival, he was tormented with almost indecipherable visions and prophecies about impending doom and destruction. Not much out of the ordinary, but he'd never had so many at once before. He'd tried to talk to his best friend, but Jason had stupidly gotten on the wrong side of the child of Vulcan who made the automaton lions for the war games. Needless to say, the results had not been pretty.

So Octavian had kept his visions to himself. He wasn't proud of it, and he knew he would be scolded by his father for doing so, but he didn't know what to do. He was almost finished his augur training. He was so close to taking over the position he had so longed for his whole life, and he wasn't about to jeopardise that on some dreams.

The day Jason was released from the care of the medics was the day that Reyna had arrived. To say he was smitten with her was an understatement. Octavian had watched as his once stoic friend had very suddenly changed demeanour to something Octavian had never seen before.

It had all gone downhill from there.

And now Jason was missing and Reyna was out of her mind with grief and there was no time to mourn the loss of his friend… He had to carry on. He couldn't get caught up thinking about what he lost and what he once had. He wouldn't.

Jun. 7th, 2012

                  A Thousand and One Nights - A Jason/Reyna mix.    

Katharine McPhee, Raza Jaffery and the cast of SMASH - A Thousand and One Nights

Will you shower me in riches, every year the night we met?
Will you take my heart and melt it like it's gold?
Will our love go on forever, or is this all that we get?
Is tonight the last or does the future hold,
A life time of delights,
Or just a thousand and one nights.
David  Guetta ft Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On

My body needs a hero, come and save me,
Something tells me you know how to save me,
I've been feeling weird, oh,
I need you to come and rescue

You've got my life in the palm of your hands,
Come and save me now,
I know you can, I know you can.

Alexandra Burke - Elephant 

And I just can't figure out,
How it all turned upside down,
And when I look at you right now, it's strange 'cause,

I know something's going on that's going on with you,
Oh, there's an elephant in the room, 
Oh though we're all alone, it's not just me and you.
Cheryl Cole - Promise This
By a thread we're hanging on,
And I hope you don't let go,
If you ever leave me,
Know I wanna go with you.

Promise this, if I die before you wake,
Promise this, take the time to say your grace.
On your knees, pray for me,
Promise this, be the last to kiss my lips.

Goyte - Somebody That I Used To Know

But you didn't have to cut me off, 
Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing,
And I don't even need your love,
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough. 

Now you're just somebody that I used to know.
Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna 

Primadonna girl, yeah.
All I ever wanted was the world,
I can't help that I need it all,
The primadonna life, the rise and fall,
You say that I'm kind of difficult,
But it's always someone else's fault.

Got you wrapped around my finger, babe,
You can count on me to misbehave.
Gwen Stefani - Early Winter

It looks like an early winter for us,
It hurts and I can't remember sunlight,
An early winter for us,
The leaves are changing colours for us,

And it gets too much, yeah it gets so much,
Startin' over and over and over again.
Shakira - Did It Again

Did it again, now, I got it all wrong.
But it felt so right, I can't believe it.

And all the mistakes that went on for too long,
Wish there was a way I could delete it.
Kelly Clarkson - Never Again

Does it hurt to know I'll never be there?
Bet it sucks, to see my face everywhere.
It was you, who chose to end it like you did.
I was the last to know,
You knew, exactly what you would do,
And don't say, you simply lost your way.

She may be believe you, but I never will.
Never again.
Busted - Who's David?

Are you sure, that you're mine?
Aren't you dating other guys?
You're so cheap, and I'm not blind,
You're not worthy of my time.
You're just a whore, who sleeps around the town,
And I've got proof because the world's going around.
Marina and the Diamonds - Lies

You're proud to say that you've made a mistake,
You're a coward to the end,
I don't wanna admit, but we're not gonna fit,

No I'm not the type that you like,
Why don't we just pretend?
Bonus Track
Shakira - Lo Hecho Esta Hecho

Lo hecho esta hecho,
Volvi a tropezar,
Con la misma piedra que hubo simpre,
Se siente tan bien todo lo que hace mal,
Y contigo nunca es suficiente.
Should probably leave the newest chapter of That's Ancient History, Baby up here.http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7662514/3/Thats_Ancient_History_Baby